Farm Tourism

kerala farm tourismNothing can replace the nature, its beauty and its uniqueness. That's why people are always interested to enjoy the real soul of the nature. Those who love to indulge with the nature and its surroundings can look forward for Farm Tourism. This is a unique type of tourism, which will take you very close to the nature. Nothing is created here, but you are made to experience the real thing in a natural way.

Coming to Kerala, the 'God's Own Country' is blessed with beautiful landscapes, greenaries and nature that lures anyone who make a visit to this beautiful destination. Tourists who comes to Kerala always want to enjoy this natural boon of Kerala- the green paddy fields, the palm fringed backwaters the coconut grove etc. Here we will find the importance of the terminology of Farm tourism in Kerala.

Obviously Farm Tourism has now turned to be one of the most wanted tourism package in Kerala. There is a chance of misunderstanding the terminology Farm Tourism with Eco-tourism. Definitely Farm tourism is an integral part of eco-tourism but the difference is that ineco-tourism we are creating artificial landscapes but Farm Tourism is not creation but is natural. The tourists will be given a chance to visit our original farms and paddy fields, which they will be experiencing here only.

kerala farm tourismKerala is an agricultural dominated state and this fact make it more easy to develop Farm tourism in a big way and making it an additional investment. Besides paddy field, you can find here plantations crops such as tea, coffee, cardamom, pepper etc and also coconut palms. Now the government is also taking various efforts to involve the agricultural activities directly or indirectly to benefit the tourism in Kerala. Places like Alappuzha is rich with its paddy fields luring both domestic and international tourists. Palakkad, Idukki, Kottayam, Wayanad etc can be included for developing Farm tourism.

Farm Tourism helps to preserve the environment by preventing chemical farming and also preserving the natural habitat. Organic farming is promoted through Farm tourism. Giving a positive image to farming and agriculture, the government not only promote tourism but also give a push to the agriculture sector in Kerala.

Harvest Fresh Farms :

A short 15 minute drive from the Kumily, Thekkady in Kerala, will take you to the beautiful Harvest Fresh Farms, offering you the most natural stay in a very beautiful farm house surrounded with green and only green. How lucky will be you when you are getting only fresh things to eat, to drink and to indulge with...

Harvest Fresh Farm is set in the heart of the serene Cumbum Valley and is flanked by mountains that kiss the clouds with streams gushing down its slopes and lush farmlands. The farm is strategically located at Lower Camp, in communion with pristine nature yet close to small towns and the famous Periyar Tiger Reserve.

A charming bullock cart ride takes the visitor to the organic farm that grows pomegranates as it chief harvest along with papaya, grapes and an apiary that produces the finest honey. The farm is also home to cows, geese, turkey, flying ducks and a flock of hens. A well laid out vegetable garden and a herbal garden ensures that there is fresh produce at all times in the kitchens. Freshly picked vegetables & fruit find their way into the sumptuous local style dishes prepared by the staff.

Here in the midst of this beautiful farm, you will get a chance to have a very comfortable stay. The tranquility and serenity of the nature here will wrap you around. Choice is yours. Select from Lord Pennycuick, Day Spring and Farm View rooms. Each room is unique in its sense. In all these rooms, you will be getting 24 hours hot water, generator back up, TV, living room, kichenette, dining room, fridge, board games, library shelf etc.

Just imagine a life in a fruit farm. You will be directly experiencing it here. Take a trip to the organic fruit farm, located in Lower camp, in the lush Cumbum Valley, flanked by hills that kiss the clouds and gurgling streams, orchards, vineyards, vegetable farms and cool breezes that sweep the valley. You can also plan an enchanting bullock cart ride from Lower Camp through vegetable farms that are in various stages of harvest, ride over a gushing stream & past fruit orchards of mangoes, papaya?s & bananas. Fruits & vegetables are planted in rotation, so you may get to see different fruit during every season

A refreshing welcome of freshly squeezed juice made from handpicked organic fruit from the orchard or sweet tender coconut water served in its shell are awaiting you here. Get refreshed and relaxed and then try to have a walking tour of the farm with an English speaking guide. Walk among pomegranate, papaya plantations, pluck grapes in the vineyard, watch the bees busy storing honey in the apiary, learn about carefully nurturing young saplings in the nursery, composting methods in the composting yards, talk to the cows the livestock pen, feed the chicken, ducks and other animals on the poultry farm, learn the names and medicinal uses of the plants in the specially planted herbal garden.

Now climb up the watch tower for commanding views of the valley, take deep breaths of the freshest air while soaking in the sights & sounds of the valley, with the rolling hills in the distance tipped with mist, gaze at blue skies while clouds like fluffy cotton balls float past. If you feel hungry, settle down to a sumptuous lunch of local cuisine made from home grown or locally sourced fresh ingredients, a melange of tongue tickling flavours.

All this activities will fill your mind with fresh air and new energy. This will be the place, where you were longing to visit. Satiated by an unforgettable experience take the bullock cart ride back to the highway and board the vehicle back to hotel.